Understanding LTI and Its Impact on Training: Leveraging Interoperability

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April 4, 2022
Alicja King

The Learning Tools Interoperability (thankfully abbreviated to LTI) is a great addition to the myskillcamp platform. It lets you easily plug-and-play a wide variety of external online tools, apps, content and activities into your LMS.

Why is this needed?

Because you want to offer your learners the most fulfilling courses, and sometimes your existing LMS doesn't offer what you need to make that happen. Very often you'll see an online resource and think 'I wish I could use that in {insert course name here}, but oh woe is me, I cannot!' - but with LTI you just add it into the LMS and your learners won't have to login to an external site. This means more safety, better UX, better courses, and more results you can track.

Who made this magical tool?

IMS Global Learning Consortium developed the tool for LMS' to give users easy integration in a seamless way. Myskillcamp has this tool ready to go and is already widely used within our platform.

What does LTI do?

LTI enables a secure exchange of information between your LMS and the external tool you integrate - it's explained in detail by myskillcamp's very smart Product Team here. It also allows learners to navigate from one learning tool to another without having to login, logout, and create several passwords. Coupled with myskillcamp's single sign-on ability - you'll never need to remember your password (that is definitely not your pet's name) ever again!

What tools can I use?

So you can now integrate external tools, but which ones? It seems the list is extensive and growing everyday, but we found an active list for you to check out if you need some integration inspiration.

LTI and myskillcamp

Those reading this who are already users know that we already offer many on-platform goodies. Not only the ability to import existing courses, but create new ones in the form of text, podcasts, videos, eBooks, quizzes and more.

Select an activity

But with the power of LTI, any external tools you still want to use can now be tracked in terms of courses taken, scores, qualifications gained externally and more! Learn the nitty-gritty of LTI here .

Also see how to integrate a tool on myskillcamp using LTI in this step by step article, including those who create courses on myskillcamp.

Myskillcamp as an LMS and LXP

Wait what? Myskillcamp is more than an LMS? We are, in fact we're a Learning eXperience Tool, giving you a whole host of activities, analytics, chat functions, marketplace and integrations. In fact, if you already have an LMS but you've maxed out its capabilities, you can integrate your existing LMS with myskillcamp to give you ultimate learning potential.

Want to see if myskillcamp is right for you, AND check out LTI?

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