Why Charities Use Myskillcamp: Case Study Summary

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August 2, 2022
Alicja King

Those who work or volunteer for charities often spin a lot of plates. Other jobs, multiple roles and time constraint often make learning the skills needed, very difficult.

Recently, we spoke to Victoria Galloway, L&D Manager at Befriending Networks, a charity intermediary about why myskillcamp was the perfect choice for their needs.

1. The potential of our services

"Everything was an improvement [from Befriending Networks' old platform] and if I could design something from scratch it would be very similar", Victoria comments.

Myskillcamp offers on-site tools to make, edit and import multimedia into courses and personalising everything to each learner through our powerful adaptive learning software.

Victoria lists the multimedia tools she's now added to her courses, "We've got our videos, we've got our quizzes, a breakdown of pages and now all learner types are catered to... plus everything is then a pdf that can be downloaded at the end of the course".

2. Customer experience

"I feel like we’ve invested in a company that actually cares".

As we covered previously, those working for charities often have very little time spare, which is why any question, concern or roadblock needs to be dealt with straight away. That's why myskillcamp have a fast responding customer success team.

Our customer service can be reached by phone, email and via the myskillcamp platform. Every customer is assigned a dedicated customer success representative and can access video calls to walkthrough any potential issue they have.

3. User experience for Befriending Networks

"On our old system it would take four hours 20 to do what we now do on myskillcamp in just 45 minutes".

It's important that myskillcamp is easy to use, not just for learners, but for those creating and assigning courses.

Victoria comments, "For me it’s the progress bars, showing the percentage of completion. For a learner I think that’s really good because I could log on, having not being on myskillcamp for a few days but instantly realise what I have to finish and what chapter I'm on".

4. User experience for Befriending Networks customers

"Myskillcamp is a lot more manageable for who the target audience is".

For L&D in general, ensuring your learners use the platform and stay engaged with their courses is a constant struggle, so a platform with good UX is one less problem. Victoria recalled the conversation with a volunteer who did training with both Befriending Networks’ old training provider and myskillcamp, who observed, "It’s like doing training with a completely different company".

5. Personalisation

"Although it is a course designed for all, to make it as individualised as possible and get to know our learners".

Myskillcamp courses can be personalised from onboarding onwards. Learner goals, interests, speed, success and learner type will all be taken into account to give them a full-circle learning strategy.

What's more, our retention capabilities can nudge a learner to complete their courses, ensuring even the most forgetful learner completes their training.

Using myskillcamp

With a whole host of services that can be used to create a full-circle learning strategy, myskillcamp can be used to revolutionise training in any industry.

Read the full case study of Befriending Networks and myskillcamp here.

And to experience myskillcamp for yourself, book a call here.

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