Why Choose Myskillcamp: Exploring a Wide Course Selection

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April 14, 2022
Alicja King

At myskillcamp, we get a lot of questions about the courses we offer. After all, there are over 30,000 of them...in 18 languages... in every topic imaginable... from lots of professional training providers.

But one of the questions we get a lot is, 'But why can't I just go to that provider?' And yeah, we get it. Usually, cutting out a middle man is a good thing, whether it's booking a hotel, buying a train ticket, or purchasing clothes - going straight to the source gives you the best price, and a feeling of safety.

So it's natural to think that you should do the same with training. But we want to debunk this myth and show you why having your pick of multiple training providers (and curating all that good content) is the best option.

The Pick n Mix Option

Just take a quick look at our partner page. Dozens of wonderful training providers who partnered with us. Each one offering a different speciality, from languages, to soft skills, tech skills, coaching, and so much more.

You may think picking one is all you need right now, but what about in the future? Choosing just one provider may limit the skills you and your employees can access for a long time.

An alternative is to pick and choose the providers and courses you like, when you need them. Myskillcamp will allow you to do this, while letting you to import these courses onto your personal training environment and create in-depth learning paths using providers' courses.

After all, why choose just one, when you can have them all?

Flexible Pricing

When it comes to picking a training provider, price is always a big question, and unfortunately, they're not always flexible. Whether you pay a blanket fee, or you have to buy a certain number of licenses... it's often not tailored to your needs.

At myskillcamp, we understand that you need value for money when committing to buying courses. That's why we have flexible pricing. Whether you pay per course used, by user, or credit, we ensure you can pay for any and all courses in a way that suits you.

Camp Personalisation

As myskillcamp is an LXP and has training providers as partners, you're able to build your training environment exactly how you like. Import courses, build learning paths, personalise onboarding, and create your own courses. If you choose myskillcamp, you're not just getting access to any of our training providers you like, you're also getting an easy-to-use training environment you can build upon.

Course Analysis

Many providers will sell you the courses and wave goodbye, letting you manage how to organise the material and generate interest. We do this for you by giving you access to analytics. How many people are taking the courses? Are the courses you chose popular among your learners? What percentage of your learners are engaged with learning? This is an addition to courses that is seldom available with course providers or LMS'.

Be spoilt for choice

When new skills are appearing quicker than ever, and employees want to make themselves competitive, don't limit your business' learning potential by choosing just one provider.

Discover the options myskillcamp can give your company today with a demo.

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