Will E-Learning Replace Higher Education? Exploring the Future of Education

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March 29, 2022
Alicja King

Ok... so you may be thinking we're rubbing our hands together at this premise, but honestly, it's an interesting question to ponder. E-learning has exploded in popularity recently, not only because people may have extra time to finally learn Adobe Photoshop, so much has changed and businesses may need to meet this shift.

Traditional learning vs e-Learning

Traditional learning may still work, but perhaps it no longer fits in the world we live in. Covid-19, the internet age, the speed of business: all lead to traditional learning being too slow and archaic, and the age of microcredentials rising to take its place.

Microcredentials (like gaining a Google Ads certificate, or a Twitter Flight School badge) are also becoming things that set candidates apart, especially as college and university are becoming the norm for many young adults. Moreover, large businesses like Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft and others are investing in e-learning, knowing that there is a demand to become skilled in specific software.

This demand is also coming from those that want / need to reskill, as many jobs are becoming obsolete and others are developing into a more digital space. In fact, many business leaders are noticing a gap between those entering the workforce and the skills they require - leading them to create training or investing in external courses.

Lastly, job seekers now look out for upskilling and learning opportunities in job ads as it's now viewed as a perk that will accelerate their career.

Traditional learning + e-Learning

It could also be argued that it's not a traditional vs new, but a synergy of the two. We've all seen how 2020 has lead to e-Learning becoming a necessary part of education, from school to higher education to on-the-job learning. But even before that, as younger generations are becoming more comfortable with technology, more education systems are using it.

Moreover, training techniques such as blended learning are still on the rise, as it uses both virtual and face-to-face learning to achieve positive results for employees. Seeing as people are returning to the workplace, (and people do actually like to see others) it makes sense that learning in person isn't a dead practise.

Lastly, e-learning shouldn't be here to get rid of the human element that traditional learning provides. Taking myskillcamp as the example, whether you want to create your own courses or use off-the-shelf courses, we give companies the freedom to use multimedia - video, podcasts, eBooks, quizzes, and an interactive chat section to fuze interaction and independent learning.

How companies can adapt

Whether you think traditional learning is being replaced or simply turning into something less 'traditional' there are key takeaways that businesses can't ignore if they want to have skilled workers and a good retention rate:

  • Job seekers are looking for companies who offer training
  • Often companies require skills that candidates may not possess at the time of hiring
  • Your workforce are conscious that training is important for their career and a way to advance

Basically, you need to offer training is what we're saying... So, better to do it in a cost effective way! Instead of management or HR teams buying licenses to expensive courses, or creating courses yourself that look like soul-destroying whitepapers, make a good decision: join myskillcamp.

As stated before, we give you the option to easily create your own courses using multimedia, chat, and analytics. You can also choose from over 300,000 off-the-shelf courses made by Udemy, Bookboon, LinkedIn Learning and loads more. On top of that you can choose a payment method that suits your needs, and say goodbye to hefty licenses.

Also, we give you a free trial, personalised to your company, no credit card, catches, or forms to sign. And if you have an LMS, we can integrate with it, so you don't have to change how you work.

Keep your company updated with the times and start your free demo today.

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