Meet the Happy Campers: Celebrating Camper's Day

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April 4, 2022
Alicja King

What is Camper’s Day?

Recently, our company enjoyed its yearly Camper’s Day. They’ve always been special to us, but this year, after so much growth, was a particularly special one.

You see, we’ve more than doubled in size (who didn’t during 2020? 😉) but in terms of our team members, countries we occupy, services provided and revenue generated. We had a lot to celebrate, and with so many more people, we had to do so in a BIG way!

The funny thing is, most of our team members (or campers) had never experienced a Camper’s Day, or even met some of their fellow campers: ‘There is always a little apprehension of how it will go and if you will click with everyone or how that whole interaction will pan out.’ - Stevan

Similarly, after adhering to the strict rules the pandemic brought, the thought of gathering as a team felt a little strange: ‘To be honest, when I arrived I was quite overwhelmed! I am not used to these kinds of gatherings where you have so many people!’ - Loic

But those pre-event butterflies soon flew away: ‘I really enjoyed it, it was so nice to see and meet in person all our colleagues. I realised how much I missed face to faceI’ - Antoinette

Even those who haven’t started with us yet felt the same! ‘It was a really good day, I got the opportunity to connect with my future co-workers and experience the company culture’ - Karla

...and it was safe to say that those who organised Camper’s Day, (shout out to Nathalie and Milena) exceeded expectations. 👏

What happened?

As with any team-building event, it started with a recap of what we’ve achieved so far and how we can continue to achieve our goals.

We spent time working on what the myskillcamp values meant to us, on the behaviours that those values embody and on how we can live them as guiding principles on a daily basis 💪 ‘Our break out sessions were a great exercise to get us mingling with other departments and collaborating on some of our core values and what they mean to us collectively’. - Stevan

Followed by two team-building games, including the building of a Rube Goldberg machine -> which can be watched here. A BBQ, many drinks, the after party, and (for those brave enough) the after after party! 🍻


What was achieved?

I think the main thing achieved was that we all connected as a team, not just in our own departments, but with those who we don’t get to see everyday. We’re a very international team so being able to actually talk face to face and have a laugh was very special’ - Ali. It was also a chance to realise we may be working on different projects, but we are all working toward the same goals: ‘We now understand that we are all in the same boat: we share the same values and are passionate about learning’. - Loic

Another achievement of the day was learning more about each other, specifically cultures. As said before, we’re a multinational team, from Brazil to Romania, Cyprus to Ireland, so there’s a lot to discover... ‘Dinner and drinks after were also such a delight. The drinks were high-powered Belgian brewing at its best! Those 12% beasts laughing at our measly Irish 5%! - Stevan

We also learned other things… like the fact all men are drawn to BBQs 🍖

We learned who we need to keep away from confetti cannons. 🎉


And we learned who can really dance 💃…

The best bit

We asked what the campers thought was the best bit of the day, (to help us make the next Camper’s Day even better) and we got many answers:

Working altogether (or playing, what's the difference?) - on the values, or later building this huge confetti engine’. - Mathieu

Being able to laugh and spend time with people you usually only see in formal meetings’. - Antonia

My favourite part was the first team building exercise, well now - how fun was that!! - the lack of voice I had for the next 3 days from boisterously shouting "that's it”, and “that over there...Beautiful" so many times is testament to how good it was. - Stevan

The takeaway

We are a fast-growing team, but we’re a fun and close team. We really do believe in myskillcamp and know that by working together, we can achieve anything! As Stevan puts it, ’I have always been all in with Myskillcamp - but this day just brought my excitement for the future and what we are creating here to a whole new level’! - Stevan

Want to be part of the next Camper’s Day? 🤔 Then you’ll have to become a Camper! 🤩 But like we said, we’re growing fast, and we are looking for the fun, happy, ambitious people out there. So see where you can fit in today!

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