5 Ways to Personalize Onboarding with Myskillcamp: Enhancing the Onboarding Experience

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March 29, 2022
Alicja King

Hey there campers! Did you know that all our users can suggest new features for the myskillcamp platform?

Well, you spoke and we listened:

Awesome myskillcamp user: "I would like to be able to route a learner to different module suites depending on the score obtained in a questionnaire".

So, we discussed it and agreed it’s a great idea with many use cases... So we adapted our onboarding. And here's what we have:

Our improved onboarding system can now be used to assess each person when they first arrive on the platform, and based on their response/score/goals they move through a certain learning path decided on by their manager. Simply put, a business can ensure each person's first course results in a personalised learner journey.

Those creating the onboarding courses can choose any number of multimedia options myskillcamp offers to assess each person, and set them on the right path. Whether it's a quiz, video, audio course, or a mixture, the person building the courses can use what's needed to effectively assess each person when they start onboarding.

Similarly, we ensured these onboarding courses must be completed before people can access the rest of the platform... meaning this process can't be skipped or answered half-heartedly.

So now you know what we’ve created, we decided to show you some use cases, just in case you want to see how you can use our new onboarding process...

Language Courses

A training organisation specialising in languages wants to use our onboarding process to assess each learner's current language level. When the onboarding is complete/a score is obtained, this organisation allows the learner access to a learning space based on their needs.

So a learner with an A1 level of French starts with courses covering the basics, whereas a learner with a C2 level of Spanish starts courses covering much more advanced topics.

Employee Onboarding

A company welcoming new hires wants to ensure they understand the culture, organisation, and morals to increase their productivity levels from the get go. To do this, they use the myskillcamp platform to upload an introductory video with a follow-up quiz. Once new hires have watched the video and scored over 80% on the quiz can they access other courses.

Skill Level

New hires are joining a company but the company wants to check their current knowledge level in certain processes before they set them follow-up courses. For example, data protection, sales training, Customer care... Are these new hires well-versed, new to the subject, or at an intermediate level? Finding out with onboarding will save time and give the new hires a personalised process that'll be appreciated.

Career Goals

The L&D managers of a company want to know the career growth goals of their fellow employees in other departments. This company starts using myskillcamp to give each employee an onboarding audio file to explain the goal of the L&D team, followed by a quiz to learn the career growth path each person would like to take. From this information, each person can start taking courses that move them closer to their desired goal.

Partner Training

A learning organisation wants to train their external contacts (trainers, suppliers, wholesalers, stakeholders etc) on the various processes they have. These partners are onboarded by taking a series of 'how-to' videos before taking an overall quiz. Once the partners have understood the processes, they are allowed to progress on the platform

There are endless use cases for this onboarding update, so ask yourself, how can it be used in your business?

Why it works for learners

This kind of personalised onboarding and learner journey doesn't just make sense on a business level (as it saves time and money it would take to train each learner from a beginner level), but it works for the learners in several different ways.

  • They start learning at the right level and can progress when (and only when) they complete the course.
  • They feel their training is personal to their development because the first step is to assess their current level - so the company cares about their training
  • Managers can take into consideration the goals and career progression opportunities of the learner and add that into the learner path.

Want to get started with myskillcamp and introduce your learners to a personalised learning experience? Sign up for a free trial, and start your onboarding processes today.

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