How Adaptive Learning Reduces Turnover: Unlocking Employee Engagement

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May 18, 2022
Alicja King

We've previously covered what Adaptive Learning is and how to implement it within your business. Now it's all about looking for the tools that can get you the best results - especially reducing course turnover and employee turnover.

Have a quick google search for adaptive learning software and you'll see many promises of AI and machine learning, but what does that entail? How can you be sure it's really going to work?

So let's strip back the jargon and get simplistic.

There are only two tools you need to look for when comparing adaptive learning technology:

1) Adaptive Learning Paths

2) Retention Capabilities

Without these, you will have a lot of fancy tech, without the results.

So what are these adaptive learning tools and how do they help reduce course and employee turnover?

Adaptive Learning Paths

Adaptive learning is great because it doesn't just focus on a single element. It is composed of different skills that are linked to multiple courses. This means learners get a whole journey.

Having different courses, assessments, tests; all of which are personalised to each learner and will suggest more content along the way, will lead to greater motivation and a higher chance of a learner successfully achieving their learning goal.

This is backed up by recent LinkedIn survey data showing 74% of consumers get frustrated when they receive content that isn't personalised.

It's also backed by our own data gathered with our learning paths:

  • 37% time saved to acquire targeted skills
  • 49% more completed learning paths
  • 46% more retention after 3 months... however if you really want to focus on retention, you'll need retention capabilities (that is covered below 👇 )

It's not just about course retention though! When paths are completed and skills are gained, customers realise they are being cared about within your company and are more likely to stay.

If you're interested, you can discover our many 'off-the-shelf' learning paths and even create your own here.

Retention Capabilities

Retention capabilities is the second tool you need to look out for when researching Adaptive Learning solutions.

This helps to bring learners back to their courses as they receive notifications containing questions related to their training. 
The best part is, the learners' results affect the questions they receive in the future.

According to LinkedIn, 90% of training fails. Ouch. And a lot of the time, people do start off motivated and have the intention to succeed! But we also forget, get bored, get distracted... so having a personal message that encourages you to 'keep going' makes a lot of difference.

Adaptive Learning - Finding the solution that fits

On top of these two adaptive learning solutions you may be cornered into purchasing everything a company has in order to use the things you need.

But it really shouldn't be this way. You should be able to pick the things you like and only pay for them.

That's why myskillcamp should be a company you consider in your Adaptive Learning research.

Myskillcamp is the skills delivery platform giving you an LXP, content aggregation, personalised adaptive learning paths and retention capabilities for a full-circle learning strategy. But, we also give you the option to just pick the things you like.

So whether you want our full solution or just the adaptive learning tools, we can help you implement it.

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