Privacy policy

1. General provisions

This Privacy Policy applies to data processing carried out by myskillcamp, a limited company under Belgian law, headquartered at Quai des Salines 30, box 10, in 7500 Tournai, Belgium, and registered with the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises under No. 0543.703.707 (hereafter "myskillcamp").

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to specify the categories of personal data that myskillcamp collects via the website, its sub-domains, related services, and any other means related to information technology and communication (hereafter, the "Platform"). It also describes how data can be processed and disclosed to third parties. The Privacy Policy also defines the various measures that myskillcamp has put in place to safeguard the security and confidentiality of the personal data collected.

Myskillcamp cares about the privacy of the visitors to its Platform and those whose personal data can be collected (hereafter "Users") and will only collect and process personal data in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

Access to the Platform is made possible to Users thanks to the collaboration between the User's company (hereafter "Company") and myskillcamp. The Company determines the purposes and means of processing to the extent of the possibilities offered by myskillcamp; therefore, myskillcamp refers to the privacy policy, the workplace regulation or any other document dealing with this issue, generated by the Company. Myskillcamp also refers to the agreement concluded between the Company and myskillcamp.

Myskillcamp will act with respect to the provisions of the Belgian law of 30 July 2018 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data as well to as the General Data Protection Regulations ((EU) Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016), and as more extensively specified in this Privacy Policy. However, the User is advised to contact the Company beforehand.

Any questions about the handling of personal data can be addressed by email to However, the User is advised to contact the Company beforehand.

Myskillcamp reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time and, to the extent permitted by law, without prior warning, in order to comply with legal obligations and/or improve its services towards you. Therefore, we advise you to consult the Platform regularly.

It should be considered that the Platform may contain links to other digital platforms or internet resources that can also collect personal data voluntarily, via cookies or through the use of other technologies. Myskillcamp declines any responsibility for these websites and internet resources for which it is not responsible and which it does not control, as well as for the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data by these third parties. Myskillcamp recommends that you review the privacy policies of other websites and internet resources to understand how they collect and use personal data.

2. Personal data collected by myskillcamp and the use of this personal data

The User acknowledges and accepts that the personal data it discloses to the Platform is processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

The purposes of the processing are as follows:

  • Access to Platform services & the associated management: registration, authentication, password management, and personal profile management
  • Access to training content: access to camps and training courses (that is invitations, registrations, publications, catalogues, etc.)
  • Dissemination of training content & progress monitoring: interactive reading of a training course, personal history of activities, accompaniment by the training team
  • Certificates & attestations: the issuance of certificates or attestations when the author of the training provides for it
  • Assessment by the student of the training taken
  • Company reporting: detailed history and synthesis of the training courses, with a view to meeting legal requirements or for internal reporting purposes
  • Notification and communication: newsfeeds, discussions related to training and activities, private discussion, user notifications, and user support
  • Customisation of the training space: managing the parameters that influence the behaviour or presentation of the training space
  • Payment & invoicing (operation limited to the Company's contact person).

The categories of personal data that can be collected during the visit to the Platform, registration on the Platform, subscription to myskillcamp services, or by contacting myskillcamp are the following:


In addition, the following data can be collected:

  • Information provided for the purpose of carrying out online maintenance and support operations;
  • Information about the User's hardware and the use of the Platform, such asIP addresses, geographic location, type of devices used, unique device ID's, operating system type and version, duration and date of visit, type of network connection and internet service provider, device network performance, browser type, mobile device sensor data (accelerometer or gyroscope), selected language, information activating digital rights management, etc. of which processing is necessary in order to provide certain features of the Platform and to use certain cookies, with the understanding that the use of cookies and internet tags by myskillcamp is specified in the Cookie Policy, that the User is invited to consult.

The provision of data has a contractual nature. The User is only required to provide the login ID. However, in the absence of providing a name, first name, and the language of the platform use, the User may not have access to certain features of the Platform and its services. Therefore, this data is also requested automatically. The other data are not essential for the use of the Platform and the provision of services.

Furthermore, the processing of personal data specific to the Company, which is its own responsibility, may require the processing of more personal data, by other means or for other purposes than what is included in the privacy policy. myskillcamp refers to the company's privacy policy, employment regulations and any other document dealing with this issue.

Users may not disclose personal data relating to another person in myskillcamp, except to the extent that the individual has consented to it in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Myskillcamp does not collect sensitive data. This includes data such as data related to race or ethnicity, religious beliefs, criminal record, physical or mental health, or the sexual orientation of the User. Myskillcamp will, if necessary, obtain the user's explicit consent to collect such data.

The User commits to communicate accurate personal data to myskillcamp. The User can modify this information at any time. Myskillcamp cannot be held responsible for any failure of its services related to incorrect information communicated by the User, nor for modifications made to its data by synchronisation with the Company's system and/or by the Company.

Myskillcamp ensures that its direct marketing activities comply with applicable legislation. Myskillcamp does not sell or rent personal data to marketing agencies or third parties.

Myskillcamp is likely to disclose personal data with any company with which myskillcamp is likely to merge or be acquired as part of a re-organisation. Myskillcamp commits, however, to inform you if necessary.

3. User Rights

Each User is entitled without charge, as long as this right is granted to them legally:

  • the right to access, modify, correct and delete their data,
  • the right to the portability of data, which implies that myskillcamp may, at the User's request, provide his or her personal data and/or provide it to third parties in a structured and machine-readable form.
  • the right to freely object, upon simple request, to specific types of data processing. If the legal basis for the processing is consensual, he or she may withdraw their consent for data processing at any time.

The above rights can be exercised, in accordance with the legal conditions, by writing to myskillcamp at the following email address:, the User is advised to contact the Company beforehand.

4. Security of your personal data

Myskillcamp takes all reasonable security measures against the loss, misuse and tampering of the data entrusted to it by Users, as well as to ensure the confidentiality of the personal data transmitted by the User.

However, each User acknowledges that the communication of personal data via the internet is not free of any risk. The User, therefore, acknowledges that myskillcamp cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect harm to it as a result of illegal or improper use of its personal data by third parties who are not authorised to use this data.

However, myskillcamp reminds you that it is up to you to take all appropriate measures to protect your hardware, data or computer software, especially against computer viruses travelling throughout the network.

5. Transmission of personal data

Myskillcamp will not disclose any data to third parties for secondary purposes or distinct from those mentioned in Article 2 unless otherwise stated at the time of the collection of such data. As such, myskillcamp takes all necessary precautions in order to preserve its confidentiality and declares to be in contact with trusted technology hosts and suppliers, renowned for the seriousness of their services and the high degree of protection they give to the confidentiality of personal data.

As long as the Company requires the use of these services, myskillcamp will transfer data to the service providers selected by the Company, who use the dataon its behalf, namely:

  • Microsoft Azure (for all the purposes of the platform, since this is where personal data is stored securely, only on European storage sites),
  • LinkedIn Learning (for the purpose of accessing training content, broadcasting it & tracking progress, notifications, and corporate reporting),
  • Edflex (for the purpose of accessing training content, broadcasting it & tracking progress, notifications, and corporate reporting),
  • Rustici Software, publisher of Scorm Cloud (for the purpose of accessing training content, disseminating training content & tracking progress, and corporate reporting),
  • Mailjet (for notifications and communication purposes, and maintenance & assistance),
  • Intercom (for the purpose of notifications and communication, and maintenance & assistance),
  • Slack (for the purpose of notifications and communication, and maintenance & assistance),
  • Hubspot (for maintenance purposes & assistance),
  • Stripe (for payment & invoicing purposes, for Company contacts only).

Personal data can be disclosed by myskillcamp to judicial authorities, administrative authorities or other bodies, or to third parties if it is necessary or desirable to meet legal or regulatory obligations or within the context of the purposes mentioned above.

6. Duration of data retention

Myskillcamp does not keep the data collected beyond the statutory duration and, in all cases, not for a longer period than necessary for the purposes mentioned above. The data will be retained as long as the User is active. The User is no longer considered to be active 36 months after the closing of their account.

At the end of this period, myskillcamp will no longer retain the data necessary to comply with its legal obligations or the retention for which it has a legitimate interest.

7. International transfer of data

Myskillcamp will not transfer personal data to countries that do not have data protection legislation equivalent to that in the European Economic Area (EEA), except if an adequate level of protection and security of personal data within the meaning of the GDPR is guaranteed.

8. Statistical processing

The User recognises myskillcamp's right to use its data for statistical purposes once it has been made anonymous, and to transfer or release the corresponding statistical results to any third party.

9. Third party providers

Part of the service may rely on 3rd party providers. In this section you can find more details on their own policies.

Youtube - Terms of Service

Google - Privacy policy

10. Questions from Users

For any questions about this Privacy Policy, or if you feel that your interests are not represented or are inadequately represented, please direct your questions to myskillcamp at the following address: However, the User is advised to contact the Company beforehand.

Every User also has the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority ( However, they are invited to contact myskillcamp and/or the Company beforehand.

Cookies Policy

1. General information

Myskillcamp, a Limited Company under Belgian Law, headquartered in Quai des Salines 30, box 10, at 7500 Tournai, Belgium, and registered with the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises under No. 0543.703.707 (hereafter "myskillcamp") provides the platform, its sub-domains, related services and any other means related to information technology and communication (hereafter the"Platform)

The Platform User's cookies are collected in accordance with the provisions of thisCookie Policy.

2. How myskillcamp uses cookies

a. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files or small blocks of information stored on the Platform. When the User later browses the Platform, the data stored in the cookie can be retrieved by the Platform to notify the Platform of the User's previous activity. This helps the Platform remember information about the User's usage. The User can choose to turn cookies on or off. Cookies usually do not contain information that personally identifies a User, but the personal information that we store can be linked to the information stored in or obtained by cookies. More information can be found at the following addresses:

b. The purpose of using cookies

Myskillcamp uses cookies to improve its service. Cookies are used to allow the User to browse the Platform and provide certain features, including allowing the connected users to be recognised from page to page and thus avoid having to reconnect. Cookies can also be used to collect signs of fraudulent behaviour to protect the User. Another use of cookies is to ensure a safe visit to the Platform. Myskillcamp also uses the cookies needed to collect anonymous statistical information by Google Analytics.

3. What information is collected?

Cookies can include clicks on specific buttons, connections, or record of the User's usage of the Platform.

The Cookie Policy complies with Belgian law (Belgian law of 10 January 2012 with various provisions in terms of electronic communications, MB 20/9/2012).

4. What types of cookies are used?

privacy 2

5. Managing cookies in your browser

Some people prefer not to accept cookies. That is why browsers provide the possibility to manage cookies. Please visit the websites of the various browsers to learn how to block cookie storage. It is also possible to remove the cookies currently installed on your computer. The quality of the Platform and services and features can be restricted or inaccessible if cookies are blocked.

6. Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are cookies that do not belong to the Platform and that a third-party may place on your browser when you visit our Platform. They provide additional functions or services to the Platform, but we do not always control their use since it is dependent on these third parties. If you would like to learn more about managing third-party cookies, please visit the website and privacy policy of the third parties concerned (e.g. Google Analytics or Stripe).

7. Changes to the Policy regarding cookies

Myskillcamp may update this Cookie Policy at any time by releasing a new version on the Platform. Users are advised to check the Cookie Policy regularly.

8. Questions from Users

For any questions about this cookie policy, or if you feel that your interests are not represented or are inadequately represented, please direct your questions to myskillcamp at