Understanding Learning Styles: Discover Your Learning Style

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April 4, 2020
Alicja King

Do you know which kind of learner you are?

Or which kind of learner your employees are?

Moreover, do you know all the course methods that are effective for each learning style?

Follow this post to discover all learning styles, and how you can pick / create better courses so you can ensure knowledge retention.

Take our in-depth quiz to find out what kind of learner you are for free!

Remember to come back to this page to discover your most effective learning style:

Mostly A's: Auditory: If this is your learning style then you'll benefit from training courses that rely on podcasts, videos and repeating facts with a friend/course mate.

Mostly B's: Visual: If you learn visually then you'll benefit from seeing charts, colourful wording and images found in e-books, listicles, videos and interactive charts.

Mostly C's: Tactile: This learning style relies on a hands-on approach. You'll benefit from being quizzed on something recently learned, using blended-learning, or interactive tasks.

Very few people are 100% one learning style so taking a mixture of learning solutions that fit you / your team, is the best way forward.

But how do you cultivate a training environment that suits differing styles... you can't set up the same course multiple times after all. And with LMS' the way you can present courses is very limited - only suiting visual learners with text-heavy learning.

Here's where myskillcamp can help you. Our training platform integrates with existing LMS' or uses our own (if you don't have an LMS) and helps you create great courses that suit every style of learning. Video, podcasts, e-books, quizzes, charts, and so much more - all created and edited on myskillcamp.

You can even set-up several courses of all different styles so ensure everyone taking a course retains the information in a way that suits them. This includes blended learning and conversations about courses in real-time on the platform.

Learning the right way has never been simpler to do, or to set-up for your employees. Share this blog with your learners to discover how they learn best. The results will give you great insight into your team.

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