How to Successfully Integrate Your LMS: Streamlining Learning Management

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March 24, 2021
Alicja King

Most likely, you have a Learning Management System (LMS). After all, they're a great way to store courses, track performance, deliver simple courses and provide clear help with logistics.

Also most likely, you've found your LMS to be lacking in some areas. But what can you do? Completely switch providers, or choose a Learning Experience Platform... sounds scary. Well myskillcamp is here to show you that you don't have to choose.

Your existing LMS

Like we said before, there's probably a lot you like about your LMS, especially if you're in HR or a management position, it helps you organise and simply train your employees. But whether there's a lack of user-friendliness, a non-learner-focused approach, or difficulty when it comes to importing and editing courses; your LMS is failing you.

What's good about a LXP

A LXP effectively fills in the gaps in an LMS when it comes to usability, customer focus and course effectiveness.

Taking myskillcamp as an example, you can introduce a wider range of courses and features than a LMS simply can't compete with. Social features, sharing, course creating, video, quizzes etc. It also gives employees the opportunity to learn for themselves, increasing motivation and skills.

Also, not to get too 'nerdy' with you, but according to the 70/20/10 rule of learning and development, you get 70% of your knowledge from job-related experiences, so if you want your employees to apply their learnings into their work, you’re better off with a LXP.

Your reservations

Even so, some reservations will remain.

We're guessing your first worry is that you don't want to switch from your faithful LMS. We're also guessing you have no idea how to use an LXP, or which one to choose. Lastly, even if a LXP is promising to integrate well, how can you be sure?

How we integrate, not replace

At myskillcamp, we don't want you to give up your LMS, in fact, we work with some of the best-known vendors to ensure companies like yours don't have to worry about switching, contract negotiations, or data.

We also ensure that our integrations are seamless. We specialise in real techy stuff so you won't have to sign in multiple times to both platforms, or change how you are currently working. And like we said previously, we work directly with LMS' so you don't have to act as a middle man. Pretty cool, right?

Also when it comes to learning about our platform, we offer tons of resources to get you using myskillcamp to its fullest. From our personalised demos, to our support team, to our own interactive courses.

Going the extra mile

To further ensure you're comfortable using our platform, we've introduced new features that will help you.

Our Joint Executive Program lets you experience our platform from three to six months without making you sign a contract. Your program will also be personalised to your business and can even work with your LMS straight away.

We also give you and your employees myskillcards to kickstart the learning process. We've found that allowing people to take charge of their learning increases their skillbase, motivation, and their readiness to share knowledge. Myskillcard works like a top-up card for courses, and you can see how it works here.

Integrated onto our platform is the opportunity to easily discuss, share and comment on the courses, as well as monitor progress. You can also create courses that are available only to the people who need them, allowing even suppliers, partners and customers access to courses if they need training.

Who currently integrates with us

Many companies signed up to myskillcamp also integrate their LMS' with us, to allow for seamless processes, such as Apside:

The LXP myskillcamp is a simple, intuitive and complete tool: the ergonomics of the platform was completely reviewed last year and the ergonomics of its content creation tool will be reviewed this year. The roadmap of the tool is open and its development iterations are short, which allows to influence the evolution of the platform. Finally, myskillcamp proposes to participate in workshops for the co-construction of use cases to enrich its LXP: Apside thus participates in the design and development of functionalities such as pay per course or the management of trades and skills.

If you're ready to integrate your LMS with us, and join the growing community of companies who enjoy seamless integration, and interactive training, join us today.

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