How Myskillcamp Utilizes Its Own Platform: Unleashing the Full Potential

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November 15, 2021
Alicja King

If you're a myskillcamp user or a person familiar with training platforms, the chances are you've only discovered a fraction of what it can do. Our Product Team works hard to ensure our platform is constantly meeting the needs of each and every client - meaning there's a lot our platform can do now.

The truth is, as soon as a new member of myskillcamp starts, we start using the platform for a whole host of reasons, beginning of course, with onboarding.

Onboarding new hires

Apart from the welcome breakfast, new hires are introduced to the platform and start taking courses covering the main software, processes and culture on day one. Onboarding is tailored to each person's department, and role.

For example, the Sales Team will learn how to write sales emails on Hubspot, The Customer Care team will learn how to run the customer lifecycle and onboarding workshops with clients, Partner Management will learn how to onboard new partners, etc...

Furthermore, new hires can search through the thousands of courses on offer to learn about other areas of interest.

Welcoming new hires

Myskillcamp has a chat function that pops up on the dashboard. When someone new starts with us, we make a note to welcome the new hire with friendly words, images, gifs and videos. Discussions on new courses, products and planning can also take place in the chat.

Upskilling ourselves and others

Of course, if you have over 300,000 courses available to you, you tend to take a few! At myskillcamp we believe in life-long learning and take pride in practising what we preach. Whether it's soft skills, industry-specific skills, or language courses, employees here are usually enrolled in a course or two. After all, upskilling, reaching goals, and progressing careers is important.

We also help upskill our team members by uploading recorded meetings and webinars to the myskillcamp platform. This ensures that people on other teams are kept updated and we can work together better. It also means employees who are on holiday can easily catch up later.

Upskilling the whole company

Of course, some training is company-wide. Our newest course teaches Personal Branding techniques to those within the company who want to learn more about social media and thought leadership. Other training may include learning about new software, HR practises and evolving company goals.

How can you use myskillcamp

It depends if you're a business owner, course creator, learner, or training provider as to what you're going to find useful. But upskilling yourself, chatting to team members and welcoming new hires is something we can all do.

Want to see how you can use the myskillcamp platform to improve your work? Talk to us today!

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