Supercharge your LMS/LXP

I’m used to my existing LMS, but I want more features! What do I do?
Myskillcamp integrates with all LMS’ on the market. So you can get all the tools you desire, while benefitting from single sign-on.
Discover the possibilities


Get all the content you could ever need from our on-platform marketplace
Access over 300,000 courses in a wide-array of subjects
Content created by well-known training organisations
Pick all the content you need and let learners find content that interests them too

Adaptive learning engine

Enroll your learners on adaptive learning paths that are customisable and engaging
Choose from our ready-made, customisable learning paths
Build your own personalised learning paths from scratch
Add your own training content, curated content and quizzes to learning paths


Send personalised, automated messages and refreshers to keep learner engagement levels high
Remind learners to further engage with their training
Set up automated refresher messages to boost knowledge retention in learners
Encourage learners to give feedback about their courses to gain insights about your training courses