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Become unstoppable with our full-circle adaptive learning strategy

Our professional training partners are made up of the most well-known training organisations in the industry. Rather than picking just one provider, pick and choose from all of them to give your learners the very best content in any subject they need to thrive.

Check out our ever-growing partner list and discover the content they specialise in.

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Myskillcamp is the skills delivery platform giving you an LXP, content aggregation, personalised adaptive learning paths and retention capabilities for a full-circle learning strategy.

By using our platform and curating training content made by professional training providers, you can retain, upskill and reskill learners to unlock a higher skill set.


How we help our learners

Our learners are from all over the world in countless industries and roles, that’s why we offer so many content subjects and language options. We give a truly personalised learning approach to every individual including learning paths, AI-enabled content suggestions and the ability to discover training courses that interest them.

We give all learners the chance to put themselves in the driving seat of their learning journey. This has created (and continues to create) motivated life-long learners who reach their career goals.



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Whether they use our Complete Solution or just what they need, we aim to make each customer’s experience the very best it can be. Our amazing Customer Success Team are always on hand to help, advise and hear feedback.

I like the concept of the software and the liberty of creativity.
Alexander M
For trainees, the platform is really easy to use. In our case, trainees completed their courses autonomously after a very short introduction.
Jean Luc Catarin
The platform is intuitive, provides statistics, tracks learner progress in real time and the support is very good. If necessary, I can always contact my dedicated adviser who always manages to find a solution.
Isabelle Fadel
Full Logistic Thuin
Great UX, easy collaboration and good evolution of the platform. The team and the learners only say good things about it. myskillcamp allows us to save time in creating training thanks to its marketplace.
Mickael Desnos