The Best Habit-Building Apps for Life Improvement

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March 10, 2022
Alicja King

Encouraging yourself (and those who work for you) to start learning new skills is really hard. But lifelong learning is so important if you want to stay competitive.

So how can it be done?

By making learning a habit. Just like snoozing your morning alarm, scrolling through your phone on the train, or having a piece of chocolate after your dinner. Building a habit is as simple as doing something repeatedly until it become second-nature.

Building your learning habit

Turns out, there are plenty of apps dedicated to helping you create positive habits. Here's our top five list of the very best, habit-building apps that can get you reaching your learning goals quickly, while having fun.

1) Habitica

Over four million people have become Habiticans to achieve their goals. By building your own cute 8-bit character, you unlock achievements, hatch pets, and earn gold by ticking off your daily tasks. So if your goals is to learn a new skill, doing 20 minutes a day will allow you to earn points in the game. Plus, you get to see how other characters are progressing... so if you want to keep up, you better do your tasks! Habitica really takes gamification to the next level.

2) StickK

This app helps you build habits with a healthy dose of social pressure. By creating a commitment contract with yourself when you get started, you won't want to let yourself down. You can also bet money on yourself and assign friends and family to check on your progress. So if you don't want to let your mum down, you better stay committed to reaching your goals.

3) Streaks

As the name suggests, this app encourages you to maintain new habits in a 12 day period. You can set positive goals like learning a new skill, while suppressing bad habits you may have. The app won't let you forget about it as it sends you regular reminders to check in and tick off your daily progress.

Streaks is highly customisable and can be integrated with other apps already in your phone and even your smartwatch.

4) Coach.me

On top of being a great way to track your daily goals, you can invest to get extra help from a leadership coach. If you struggle to motivate yourself, getting a coach who knows the habit you want to build can be a great help.

5) Goalify

If you find checking into an app and listing habits not motivating enough, then try Goalify. By giving you reminders, schedules and helpful advice on how to build habits each day, it gives you a nudge in the right direction each day to keep you on track. You can also join with friends to add accountability and compete.

Getting the content

So now you have hopefully chosen the app that will help you build the skill-busting habit you desire. Now to get the content you need! Whether you want language, personal development, leadership, software or anything else, check out myskillcamp. You can get a demo, free trial, and even look through our list of free curated content that you can download right now.

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