22 eLearning Predictions for 2022: Trends and Insights

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March 29, 2022
Alicja King

More money is pouring into this industry each year, tech is improving, and we're online more than ever. So with a whole lot of research and looking at trends apparent within myskillcamp - here are the predictions we have for 2022...

1. Learning with analytics

L&D and HR will rely on analytics to see the success of courses and trends of learners. With analytics becoming simpler to understand and easier to access, they will be used more often and with greater effect.

2. Independent learning

Courses are moving online and home working is still prevalent, this means companies will step away from scheduling time for learners to take specific courses. Instead companies will give learners the freedom to learn in their own time.

3. Employee suggestions

People are realising the advantage of learning new skills to make themselves more employable. They also realise that mentioning courses to their managers will make them look 'proactive' and may result in them getting these courses for free. Therefore, employees will suggest courses to their employers (rather of the other way around).

4. L&D managers will be part of business decisions

Training is no longer an afterthought. Whether its new software, new ways of working, or hiring new employees en mass; learning and onboarding is going to be a business goal, meaning L&D will be common place in board meetings.

5. Language courses becoming more popular

Language courses became more popular in 2020 as people had more free time. This trend will rise sharply again as hiring is no longer restricted to an office's location. Similarly, as travel is still somewhat restricted, the motivation to learn languages to 'prepare for the future' will be persistant.

6. An increase in multimedia courses like video and audio

An ongoing trend that will continue to rise in popularity due to the need to take courses on mobile rather than desktop.

7. More LXPs entering the market

The eLearning industry is becoming more profitable, leading to new companies emerging in the marketplace. Similarly, with the need for personalisation increasing for both courses and platforms, these new companies will be LXPs rather than LMS' (as LXPs allow for more personalisation).

8. AI will be used to predict user behaviour.

By interpreting data and reports made from completed courses, AI will make recommendations to companies and learners. For example, suggesting follow-up courses and ideas for new courses.

9. Increased need to ensure course quality

French LMS’ will quickly and effectively become Qualiopi certified, this will lead to more countries looking for similar ways to ensure course quality. Therefore course creators should stay alert for new qualifications emerging.

10. Preference for microlearning

Shorter, bite-size courses that can be picked up and set aside at any time, will continue to rise in popularity, especially as courses that require small yet frequent learning (such as langage courses) remain popular.

11. Mobile-first learning

Big data shows that we are turning to our mobiles for more and more. Similarly, studies show that Gen Z prefer to use phones over tablets and desktop devices leading to training being taken on mobile.

12. Downloadable courses

For courses that are not 'mobile-first', creators will ensure the courses are at least small enough and downloadable so they’re easier to learn and review on the go. This will bridge the gap between desktop courses and mobile courses.

13. Learning apps rather than websites

As smaller courses, video courses and mobile-first courses become popular, learners will turn to apps rather than websites. This means eLearning companies will start producing apps.

14. Curation rather than creation

It's faster to use information that already exists then creating it from scratch. Curating courses from professionals will also lead to better training for your learners and will be cheaper.

15. Off the shelf courses

As more companies obtain more courses (either created or curated) they will develop catalogues that learners can browse at their leisure. They will be stored in their intranet or on their LXPs.

16. Learner journeys will become common

Thousands of courses are available and AI will get to know you as a learner. This means longterm learner journeys made up of micro, multimedia courses will be common in 2022.

17. More gamification - but simpler

Gamification works, that's no secret. But gamification doesn't need to be complicated. As courses get smaller, and we go mobile-first, gamification will boil down to scoreboards and posting successes on social media.

18. More communication

As home working and lockdowns continue, learners will continue to need social interaction to remain motivated. This will lead to managers and trainers using video and chat functions on courses and learning platforms.

19. Management courses with a virtual component

Management courses have always been popular, but now so many teams are working remotely, management courses that are geared towards dealing with remote teams will become popular.

20. Internal Mentors and Coaches becoming more common in the workplace

Those that remained in the company during 2020 will have far more experience than new hires. As well as personalised onboarding, mentors and coaches will be a common practise to ensure new employees are trained properly.

21. Social learning

One of the oldest forms of learning, but with a 2022 twist. Social learning this year will be virtual, but will allow for collaborative teamwork. Practise business cases, video conferencing tools and collaborative software allows social learning to prosper.

22. Extern training

Expect an increase of companies training their externs in 2022. This will help to boost productivity and brand identity now more aspects of companies are online rather than in store. Suppliers, 3rd party companies, stakeholders and vendors will receive training.

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