Simplifying and Augmenting Workplace Learning with Myskillcamp

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May 25, 2022
Alicja King

HR Tech Outlook recently published an article about how myskillcamp simplifies workplace learning using our Skills Delivery Platform.

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Businesses often rely on disjointed learning management systems (LMS) and online platforms to drive an influential learning culture. However, a lack of necessary integration among these platforms hinders content accessibility, affecting the learning experience. In this regard, the need of the hour is better streamlining and centralising learning content.

Enter myskillcamp!

The company offers its eponymous learning content management system (LCMS) that accumulates learning content from multiple training providers and delivers bespoke, personalised experiences to employees. It aggregates the data that different content providers offer and pushes it through shareable content object reference model (SCORM).

Users get to access the relevant content on a single platform without any hassle of logging into or managing multiple platforms. "We optimise and recommend the content that is accessible to the workforce within the LMS of the client, without the learner having to switch to every platform and search," says Kevin Tillier, CEO, myskillcamp. For example, if an employee wants to develop sales skills and has access to DataCamp, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning, myskillcamp recommends the most relevant courses to them across these platforms.

To ensure its effectiveness and impact, the company has a team of educational experts dedicated to partnering with the clients to guide them continuously. They use instructional design and learning design to ensure the clients implement a learning strategy that ultimately helps them achieve the desired outcomes.

“Our scientific guidance ensures that customers see value in our LCMS and not just another tool to get access to content,” says Chris Chesterman, CRO, myskillcamp. The highly flexible LCMS integrates with the client's existing learning tools and adds value to the existing ecosystem without disrupting their current commitments and investments. The company uses a hybrid approach—a combination of challenger and Sandler sales model—to better understand clients' business objectives and motivations to drive business change and impact through authentic learner experiences. The discovery conversations with different teams and leaders enable myskillcamp’s experts to truly understand the intentional growth journey of a client or prospect and then provide the best experience for employees that support the growth journey.

Myskillcamp recently worked with an IT services company that wanted to centralise different content sources, including Coursera, Pluralsight, OpenClassrooms, and several other free and paid sources. First, the client created an internal academy around specific skills and jobs for career mobility. However, they didn't have time to create their own courses, and that's why they needed to rely on purchased or free content available on the web. Secondly, the client wanted to put a certification at the end of each learning path to attract the workforce. It was a great driver for engagement as employees can use these certificates throughout their careers. Lastly, this IT services and engineering company aimed to bring their academy and knowledge to their clients as well. Using myskillcamp for content curation, the client could fulfil all their goals.

With many such successes under their belt, myskillcamp continually focuses on building a rich culture that facilitates humble feedback, self-awareness, and coaching each other. This ensures optimised performance and the opportunity to develop, grow, and be successful. With an aim to tangibly impact individuals at work, the company is dedicated to aggregating the best content across platforms to deliver the best experience to end-users. It helps individuals to be more successful and drive their career growth, and in turn, facilitate overall organisational performance.

Simplify your workplace learning by getting the full solution from myskillcamp.

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