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October 20, 2020
Alicja King

Integrating new software can be daunting. There is a lot to consider, from software capabilities, pricing, set-up, and training. You may even need to justify your decision to purchase the new software.

At myskillcamp we understand this can be a nail-biting prospect, which is why we are offering a 'try before you buy' model called, The Joint Executive Program.

How does it work

By working together, we determine what you need from our Learning Experience Platform, what you need access to, how much you'd like to spend, and how long the program will run for.

Once we've customised the platform to your specifications, we show you how to navigate and use the platform. Moreover, we can easily introduce others to the advantages of myskillcamp.

This hands-on approach and proactive communication is beneficial to HR teams as it helps you sell the project internally and find sponsors. It's also an opportunity for us to show you how we'll work with you in the long-term.

The Joint Executive Program also gives your employees the time to familiarise themselves with the platform, and integrate it with their training goals.

Why choose the Joint Executive Program

Unlike other 'demos' you get, this program doesn't limit you to a portion of the software with the promise of 'bigger and better' things once you sign a contract. myskillcamp gets to know you and your needs, then ensures you have a platform that meets those needs.

Also unlike other demos, the length of the program isn't fixed, whether you need three months or half a year to make a decision, we'll give you the time you need - and will even make adjustments to your accesses if your requirements change during this time.

What really sets us apart is that even before you sign a contract with myskillcamp, your employees still have access to professional online courses. This means you'll start seeing results straight away, proving the value we will add to your company.

Become part of our community

Join the many other companies who are / or have been members of the Joint Executive Program, such as Apside:

"The LXP myskillcamp is a simple, intuitive and complete tool: the ergonomics of the platform was completely reviewed last year and the ergonomics of its content creation tool will be reviewed this year. The roadmap of the tool is open and its development iterations are short, which allows to influence the evolution of the platform. Finally, myskillcamp proposes to participate in workshops for the co-construction of use cases to enrich its LXP: Apside thus participates in the design and development of functionalities such as pay per course or the management of trades and skills."

Integrate myskillcamp into your business through the Joint Executive Program in a way that suites you, while seeing results from day one.

Make today your day one by joining our program today.

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