Bookboon Learning

Access useful and practical personal development content.

Bookboon is known as the Netflix of Corporate Learning. They offer the industry’s most simple, intuitive, and engaging user experience. Now available as myskillcamp plugin, it increases your staff’s engagement in learning and keeps them coming back to learn more.

3 Key Reasons for our success:

  • Great User Experience: Simple, easy and intuitive.
  • Bite size content: ranging from 10 to 90 minutes - short enough to finish in a single sitting, while still have the depth to deliver significant knowledge impact. Perfect for the remote working culture.
  • Customer Support: With our proven Customer Success Support we make sure, your solution creates the results you want. As a Myskillcamp customer you have access to this service anytime anywhere.

We deliver successful content solutions for clients from all industries, such as Thalys, D’Ieteren, Atos, Orange & Lidl.

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