Deploy Adaptive Learning paths, in less than 30 minutes

L&D managers use Adaptive Journeys to deliver learning paths that adapt to each learner
Personalized experience through Adaptive Learning
37% faster upskilling
Integration in your LMS via SCORM in 30 min.
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The benefits of Adaptive Learning, less engineering time

Adaptive Journeys are all-in-one, ready-to-use Adaptive Learning journeys. Skills repository, positioning questionnaires, training content and statistics, all ready to be deployed in your LMS or via our platform.

How does it work?



The learner measures his level of proficiency of the target skills through an initial positioning questionnaire.


Our Adaptive Learning solution adapts the training course according to the learner's level of proficiency throughout the course.


The learner follows the recommendations and consults only the resources necessary for his skill development, thereby saving him time.

Training Managers Use Adaptive Journeys to Save 2 Months of Design

Ready to use

Our "off-the-shelf" catalog allows you to save 2 months of educational engineering and deployment per course

Integrate in any LMS

Integrate Adaptive Paths directly into your LMS via SCORM file in less than 30 minutes and ensure the continuity of your learning experience.


Deliver a unique experience that adapts to each learner's level of proficiency in real time, thanks to Adaptive Learning.

An All-In-One Tool

Catalog of transversal key skills

Support the skills development of your talents on key cross-functional themes such as leadership, management, cybersecurity, work efficiency or diversity and inclusion.
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Track the learner's skill development

Follow the progress and the rise in competence of your learners thanks to learning analytics, skills radars and progress gauges.
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Content from recognized partners

Adaptive Journeys are designed in partnership with the best content providers on the market to give you the best learning experience.
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Courses available in several languages

Our off-the-shelf Adaptive Learning training courses are available in French, English and on demand in Dutch.
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Individualization of training paths

Provide a unique learning experience for each of your learners with Adaptive Learning technology.
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What they are saying

We have been using for a while now and really like the service. Our company has employees who speak other languages and therefore need courses in different languages. Myskillcamp offers many language options[...]. In addition, the courses offered are of high quality and give analyzes on the courses and our employees.
Samia B.
Product Marketing Manager
Source: Capterra - verified
Myskillcamp is flexible and easy to use. The platform therefore makes it possible to respond to training and integration issues. The content is centralized and you can also work with a community!
Frédéric F.
Executive Manager
Source: Capterra - verified
Myskillcamp accompanies us in our digital transformation and allows us to go through the stages of change step by step. The tool combines both ease of handling and ability to enrich content.
CĂ©cile B.
Assistant Pedagogical Director
Source: Capterra - verified

Our Content Partners

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Management : Keys to efficient management
31 Skills
20 Hours
Leadership : The New Leader
20 Skills
7 Hours
Cybersecurity : Everyday Cybersecurity
28 Skills
7 Hours
Diversity & Inclusion: Strengthen cohesion and harmony at work
14 Skills
6 Hours

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