Create social and collaborative learning

Discover how to use trainer-to-learner exchanges, and peer-to-peer sharing, to create a learning community.

Get to know your audience Motivate your learners at every stage Organise follow-ups after training

Organise your training platform today

From requirements to objectives, map out your learners' pathways while giving them unique, worthwhile experiences - as soon as they sign in.

Monitor the progress of your learners and increase their motivation thanks to statistics and activity reports.

Post-training follow-ups are crucial to retain information recently learned. Keep in touch with your learners to ensure this.

Share experiences and knowledge through the myskillcamp channels

All your employees have expertise, ideas and motivations. Encourage them to share these positives with each other and unlock their full potential through our channels:

  • Discussion threads
  • Resource sharing
  • On-demand content creation
  • Social reactions

Our other knowledge sharing tools

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    Mentoring & coaching

    Have your learners accompanied by mentors and coaches

  • icon-chat

    Private chat

    Promote instant communication between learners and trainers

  • icon-forum


    Create discussion spaces reserved for trainers and course participants

Find out what else we can do for you

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    Manage all your courses from one place

    Spend more time with your learners by organising all your courses from myskillcamp.

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    Create engaging content that works

    Alone or in groups, develop modern and fun learning experiences in our platform.

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    Access to high quality off-the-shelf content

    Benefit from paid and free content regularly updated by our partners.

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    Build a knowledge sharing culture

    Put content creation and knowledge sharing into the heart of your learning community.