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Learning Experience

Our all-in-one portal will allow you to bring together all of the actors of your project (learners, trainers, managers, service providers, etc.) and content (internal and external, from third-party providers) in ONE single interface: MySkillCamp.

So, how does it work?

With our LMS (or yours), MySkillCamp becomes the entry point to all of your training tools and content. Therefore, you create a complete and unified environment that can be accessed at any time.
When you first use the platform, you can personalise your interface by inviting your users, by integrating your current content (or by creating new content via the studio), then by integrating third-party tools of your choice. An adjustable and customisable ecosystem.

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One portal,
unlimited benefits:

  • Create and share your learning content from a single location to an entire learning community
  • Bring together all the actors, tools and content in order to facilitate everyday management
  • Follow individual or collective development of each employee
  • Empower learners and put them in control of their professional development by providing them with relevant content
  • Offer a “companion” tool that supports learning throughout their professional career, at home or elsewhere #lifelonglearning
  • Anchor the learning mindset and generate sustainable engagement
Entreprise portal
Entreprise camps

Camps, customizable training spaces

Through the “Camps” you can organise your learning population by segmenting it according to your goals, brands or professions. From your dashboard, you control your content: set accessibility (private or public), availability (fixed date) or enable validation by the manager, respect the order of sections, groups that have access to the content, etc.

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A gold mine of available content

It’s a fact: many learners will seek out the content themselves without waiting for you to do it for them. What if you provided them with a tool that brings together in one place the best training content? We offer 100,000 training courses through several providers.

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Une mine d'or de contenus à disposition

Learners are in control of their professional development

Behind the technology of our LXP, it is mostly a desire to offer a tool focused on the needs of leaners (“Learnercentric”) by offering them:

  • Autonomy in catalogue content selections
  • The ability to connect their own learning sources
  • Registration in a mentoring programme (as mentee or mentor)
  • Instantaneous sharing of knowledge with the rest of the community
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Entreprise development
Mentor mentee

Boost personal and professional development

MySkillCamp provides the ability for a learner to choose the skills he wants to share or learn.
Once set up, our Mentoring programme connects mentees with mentors who are experts in their field. Each collaborator can become a mentee or mentor as they develop new skills in your company. Even better, you allow each of them to actively participate in the sharing culture of your organization, regardless of the generation, profession or position it is composed of.

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