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Giving you access to professionally-created courses, tools to make your own content, and analytics to see your goals being reached. All from one, user-friendly, personalised space.

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Too many courses, not enough time

Finding the right LMS, content providers and training materials used to be a nightmare. Not any more!

Find everything you need in one place!

We integrate with the best content providers, and help you build learning paths with their ready-to-use content, or your own multimedia content.

All on the same platform.

  • Without myskillcamp

    • Negotiating with each content provider, again and again.

    • Buy the entire catalogue even if you don’t need to.

    • Low autonomy for learners to choose their own learning programs.

    • Risks of low commitment.

    • Buy a software…just a software

  • With myskillcamp

    • Access ready-to-use content from renowned providers.

    • Pay only what you need. Flexible pricing per learner, course, bundle or company.

    • Choose from 28 pre-negotiated and integrated providers.

    • "Choose what you want to learn". Full learner autonomy meets advanced budget management.

    • Get onboarded and coached all the way by our Digital Learning experts.

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    HRs and L&D Managers

    Drive an effective learning culture and build an attractive employer brand.

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    Training Organisations

    Access user-ready content to grow your reach and boost your offering.

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    Content Providers

    Reach a wide audience and sell your content in our Marketplace.


Our Customer Success Team guides you from A-Z in your projects

Our team of Digital Learning Experts accompany you every step of the way, from building your academy to succeed as a learning organisation.

  • Coaching

    Our Digital Learning Experts support you in managing your digital learning project from start to finish to drive engagement and learning culture.

  • Helpcenter

    Learn all the capabilities of myskillcamp with a host of tutorials, resources, and demos to help you navigate the platform.

  • Curation

    Our experienced Learning Specialist will help you curate impactful and adapted training content for your objectives.

Access over 300,000+ courses and learning paths, from the best content providers


  • Learning Catalogue

    Create the best learning experience with our skill-building course catalogue to increase focus and engagement. Learners can filter content by topic, language and providers to find courses easily.
  • Course Authoring Tool

    Build learner-friendly courses and learning paths and add all types of media and learning activities – from videos, docs and embedded URLs to quizzes, assignments, discussions and online or in-person events.
  • Board 2


    Track training with reports and infographics. Understand adoption, engagement and consumption of learning content across teams and learning progress.
  • myskillcard

    Manage the online training budget for each learner and monitor payments, saving time and resources. Enable true learner autonomy, increasing commitment and adoption.
  • Social Learning

    Foster a learning culture through social learning and discussions. Connect learners with each other for peer-to-peer engagement.
  • Team View

    Coach your team and follow up on courses to easily manage learning goals. Keep track of learner's individual progress and course statistics with the Learning Health dashboard.