We're here to help you achieve the digital transformation of your training offer.

XOS: Off-the-shelf trainings for successful digital transformation!

With a catalog of over 1000 e-learning courses, XOS provides you with immediate access to cross-functional trainings that are tailored to your professional needs.

Our e-learning catalog is divided into 9 themes to meet all your demands: office automation, languages, professional efficiency, and much more!

By choosing XOS, you benefit from a time and cost savings, thanks to our off-the-shelf content catalog, ready-to-use and directly available on your LMS in SCORM format.

Each of our trainings is created with the principles of neuropedagogy for an interactive, fast, and effective learning. Our courses are designed to help your employees acquire the necessary skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

With over 3500 active trainees trained every year and a satisfaction rate of 90%, XOS content guarantees your teams an effective and sustainable skills development.

Trust XOS for a successful digital transformation!

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