Reality Academy

Reality Academy is revolutionizing the way to train through immersive learning.

Reality Academy is a company that specializes in immersive learning through virtual reality. Their training is designed to allow employees to develop new skills more quickly thanks to active pedagogy that places them in real situations through interactive and immersive scenarios. This training method offers an emotional experience that allows learners to put themselves in the other's shoes and generate empathy for a lasting emotional anchoring of information.

The particularity of Reality Academy is its personalized approach to learning. Learners are followed by a virtual coach who adapts the follow-up according to the answers of the learner. This personalized follow-up makes it possible to identify the specific needs of each learner and to adapt the training accordingly.

Finally, a quiz assesses knowledge of the essential elements to ensure that the learners have properly assimilated the necessary skills. With Reality Academy, training becomes an immersive and interactive experience for more effective and engaging learning. Employees learn practical skills faster and more efficiently, which benefits the business to improve performance and productivity.‍

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