The e-learning platform for tomorrow's skills.

Who we are?

In Japanese, Kokoroe means « learning with the heart ».

Kokoroe began with a childhood friendship: Raphaëlle and Elise, twin sisters and their friend, Béatrice have founded their startup at 30.

Our mission

The Kokoroe trio has set a goal: help anyone develop the skills that will be needed in tomorrow’s world, in a more fun, engaging and effective way.

The success story

A poster child for edtech, Kokoroe was born in Paris and nurtured in the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator. Today, the startup is supported by major European investors and has been awarded several times (recently, Tech for good Award by BFM Business)

Our secret sauce

In contrast to traditional academic codes, Kokoroe approaches knowledge in an uninhibited way by focusing on a fun approach (touches of humour, references to pop culture…). Our goal : to create emotion and awaken the desire to learn.

Our training

Always < 20 min.

Available in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian.

Each training includes:

• 1 Trailer to stimulate your curiosity

• 1 Microlearning video to summarize the key information

• 1 Expert video to explore in depth the theme

• 1 Knowledge test with a certificate of success

• Educational resources: podcast, articles…

Kokoroe supports companies in their digitalization projects with :

  • off-the-shelf training (catalogue of more than 170 courses on soft skills, new technologies and business skills)
  • customised training

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