iAM Learning

Enabling learners to continuously develop themselves.

iAM Learning is disrupting what you know about learning.

What you need is something different. Something disruptive. Yeeees, we know it’s a buzzword. Google this and Amazon that. But we don’t throw the term around lightly. iAM has changed the trajectory of customers’ experience by making daring animated explainer content that’s engaging, vibrant and authentic. Companies are fast-discovering that fun, bite-size video & animation is the way forward.

iAM's approach to content creation is different. No more endless PowerPoint's that you can't wait to skip through. Instead, we use the art of storytelling to bring content to life and engage learners throughout. They know they have to earn every valuable minute of your time. With stunning animation & short courses that you can take anytime on any device, they are making lots of friends. And teaching a lot of people along the way!

What’s different about iAM Learning?

7 Reasons as to why our content is different than anything else you’ll ever find out there: -

1. We know that you want to engage your learners and that nobody wants to sit through 100’s of PowerPoint slides anymore that make no sense (…did they ever)? So, our content is high-end animation – we’re not just talking any old animation here, but Pixar quality. We only employ the best in the business. We don’t use stock imagery and we hand draw everything.

2. We recognise the value of instructional design – this sounds complicated, but it isn’t. It just means we actually think about the learner and the best pathway through a course. The end result? Learning that learners actually want to take! Not just that but learning that is easily accessible too. We know that not everyone learns at the same rate, so we make it easy to find what you want to learn about. Just to prove it, all our content is CPD certified too.

3. We’ve taken our learning back to what matters – e-learning doesn’t have to be complex and you don’t have to try and cram every bit of information into a course. We pick the 3-5 things that matter, wrap them up in bitesize videos and deliver the change you want your learners want to make. This is all about not having too much course, as that ultimately means less retention. Only having the key learning means much greater retention giving you the real behavioural and skills change you want to see in your business.

4. We use stories and characters to bring content to life – how do most of us learn when we are young? Through stories. Why does the Peter Pan effect kick in and all of this change as we get older? It doesn’t have to. We use stories to bring content to life – the Lone Ranger, Super Spy, iAM Serena Williams, all engage the learner in wanting to jump into our stories! Stories ultimately make content much easier to understand. They help a learner understand how the jigsaw puzzle fits together, rather than leaving them confused. You can’t change behaviour or enhance skills if your learners can’t process the content!

5. Visuals matter, but so do words. We inject conversation and energy into our courses – the right voiceover can make or break a piece of content. We spend as much time researching and scriptwriting our content as we do animating it. It means every detail is thought about to give your learners the best chance to learn and retain. We care, because we know you care about changing your business for the better.

6. We care about the little details, so you don’t have to – to the well-trained eye, you’ll spot these nuances. The right sound effect, a smooth transition, a well-timed rattle of the snake’s tail in our Lone Ranger course…we’re fanatical about this sort of thing. But don’t worry, better quality doesn’t mean crazy prices.

7. Less but better – so don’t expect us to produce a library of 1000’s of courses. We much prefer producing the best 200 courses we can do and keeping them fresh. A few years ago, learning content seemed to be all about volume. Learning Libraries drifted into content mazes. The reality is that learners and those in L&D are far more discerning now. It’s about giving your learners the right content with the right message for the right change. Don’t let your learners get lost!

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