European leader in soft skills training for companies.

Life is a learning adventure. And at GoodHabitz, we feel responsible to make the journey fun and easy. For everyone. After all, everyone has more fun learning if the teaching method’s fun. If you enjoy what you do, you’ll feel good, fulfilled, accomplished and successful. That’s both good for you and the organization. We like to add our two pixels, and that’s why we offer the most appealing work-related online training courses you’ll find anywhere.

GoodHabitz designs all training courses in-house, from scratch. They stand out thanks to their humour, energy, and excellent user experience. We remove any obstacle, put the user in control, and support organisations to make online learning a success. All for a fixed price, which encourages never-ending personal development!

We add new course titles to our library every month. The collection covers that every modern-day professional can relate to, ranging from management to personal effectiveness, and from communication to positive psychology.

Ever since its foundation in 2011, GoodHabitz has been market leader in the Netherlands. In the meantime, they’re well on their way to conquer the European market as well. Renewing their subscriptions year after year, GoodHabitz’ loyal 1200-plus clients are testament to the company’s success.

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