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Learning eXperience Platform

Myskillcamp's learning portal provides features and content in order to offer your clients a personalised learning experience and tailored to their needs. Even better, your trainers can easily take our content creation tool in hand and learn how to use it quickly.


Create engaging customised content

Our solution has an integrated authoring tool to facilitate the creation of face-to-face, blended-learning or digital training courses.
The “Studio” also allows:

  • to create customised courses
  • to define a base module and breaking it down into several working sessions
  • to offer training “paths”: a dynamic sequence in which the content sharing is scheduled according to a fixed date or a countdown (D-7, D-1, etc.).
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Organise each population of learners

In a training project, you cannot put everyone in the same basket and expect convincing results. Thanks to the “Camps” feature of myskillcamp, learners can be segmented within specific training spaces. This allows a learner population to be organised according to an objective, a profession or a targeted skill.
This way, your trainers target and deploy relevant content by meeting the needs of the learning population concerned.


Offer a unique experience for each client

From myskillcamp's interface, you can customise the training space for each project according to a colour code, a logo and then making specific content or tools available as requested by each client.
To sum up, ONE single working environment which lets you create and administer multi-brand training spaces. No need to log out to manage a specific space, everything happens from your personal dashboard.

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Last but not least, assess the quality and engagement of your trainings

After each training session, feedback can be collected from learners via a questionnaire and a data entry field where everyone can leave an opinion. It's a good way for you to ensure that your trainers have delivered appropriate, effective and engaging content.

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