Spend more time with your learners

myskillcamp allows you to automate your training management workflows from a single learning environment integrated into your LMS or ours.

We integrate your LMS into your new training environment

We integrate your LMS into your new training environment

Increasing the capacity and functionality of your LMS has never been simpler. With myskillcamp, your learners will benefit from a better learning experience thanks to:

  • New learning methods
  • Synchronisation of training catalogues
  • Data (statistics) push & pull
  • The implementation of single sign on
Or, deploy our state-of-the-art LMS in a matter of minutes

Or, deploy our state-of-the-art LMS in a matter of minutes

If you don't have a Learning Management System or would like to change it, then use ours! It has all the features you need:

  • Catalogue management and calendar view
  • Registrations, confirmations and reminders
  • Waiting lists and attendance lists
Analyse and export your data at any time

Analyse and export your data at any time

Learning data is essential to measure the engagement and successes of your learners. Our reporting tool will help you analyse data to design actions that boost your results. You will find for example:

  • The platform's adoption funnel
  • Detailed statistics by session
  • Training time
  • The number of learners connected
Create multiple learning spaces Customise the interface to your company colours Configure multiple display modes for your catalogue

Personalise your learners' experience

With our spaces (or 'camps' as we call them) you can segment your learner population by occupation, sector, and country - to personalise your training content.

You can create multiple experiences by customising colours, URLs, and the email address. Create as many experiences as you need to, to properly convey your brands.

Depending on your audience and the subject, compose your catalogue in the form of a gallery, table, or list, while using themes to personalise it further.

...and much more!

  • Multi-session

    Propose one or multiple dates per session. Participants can choose the time that suits them.

  • Certifications

    Reward your learners throughout the course with attestations, certificates and badges.

  • Assessments

    Collect evaluations from participants, trainers, managers and learners, hot or cold.

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    Access to high quality off-the-shelf content

    Benefit from paid and free content regularly updated by our partners.

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    Create engaging content that works

    Alone or in groups, develop modern and fun learning experiences in our platform.

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    Leverage social & collaborative learning

    Create a collaborative and social experience to foster engagement and learning through sharing.

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    Build a knowledge sharing culture

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