Easily create content that works, together

With our integrated authoring tool, you have a single platform for designing all your training courses, whether face-to-face, distance learning, or blended learning.

Easily create content that works, together
3 steps to easily digitise your first training content

Capitalise on your trainers and business experts

Before your start designing, identify the strategic actors who will be involved in the project. Your internal resources are crucial, but other stakeholders can help too:

  • External trainers
  • Training organisations
  • Learning experts

Take the time to build your training modules

Writing your storyboard is one of the key steps in designing a training course. It allows you to choose which modules and learning activities will create the best training experience:

  • Micro Learning
  • Rapid Learning
  • Blended Learning

Organise your training projects according to your audience

Design tailor-made training paths, linking different modules and/or activities triggered by a combination of conditions:

  • A fixed date
  • A number of days
  • A minimum score

Find advice and inspiration from our experts and from your future community

  • Training of trainers from your very first steps in the platform
  • Training resources and content at your disposal in our academy
Use external resources Invite your users to collaborate Edit and publish multiple versions

Discover other advantages of our authoring tool

From the 'I create' interface, collect and integrate your modules with existing teaching resources and materials such as YouTube videos, Vimeo, Genially, Udemy, etc.

Involve your employees in the construction of training courses while enhancing their skills and knowledge

Adapt your modules and training paths without impacting other active courses.

Create interactive learning experiences with our training activities

  • Quiz
  • Project
  • Self-assessment
  • Scorm, xApi
  • Discussion
  • Contents page
  • Events
  • Webinar
  • Media

Find out what else we can do for you

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    Manage all your courses from one place

    Spend more time with your learners by organising all your courses from myskillcamp.

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    Access to high quality off-the-shelf content

    Benefit from paid and free content regularly updated by our partners.

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    Build a knowledge sharing culture

    Put content creation and knowledge sharing into the heart of your learning community.

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    Leverage social & collaborative learning

    Create a collaborative and social experience to foster engagement and learning through sharing.