Collect the best content for your workforce

Access thousands of quality courses, created by industry professionals through our platform or via your LMS.

Collect the best content for your workforce

Their training teams enrich their catalogue every day thanks to myskillcamp

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Pick and choose from our marketplace to enrich your catalogue

Pick and choose from our marketplace to enrich your catalogue

Our marketplace contains a myriad of paid and free educational resources and training content created by experts - and the list is growing...

  • Over 300,000 training courses so far
  • A host of different formats: videos, podcasts, quizzes
  • 18 languages

A pricing model adapted to your budget

myskillcamp, together with our partners offers you four pricing models. Giving autonomy to your learners while respecting your budget and needs.

  • Per learner

    The customer buys one license per learner. Each license gives access to your complete catalogue.

  • Per course

    The client selects a training course and acquires the licenses for its learners.

  • Per bundle

    The customer buys part of your catalogue - with a discount - and their learners have access to it.

  • Per company

    The customer benefits from a fixed annual fee so their learners have access to your entire catalogue.

Select your courses Choose a payment plan Integrate your content Measure engagement

How it works

Remain independent throughout the purchasing process, from selecting content to monitoring your learners.

Browse our catalogue and choose the courses you want to make available to your community.

Select a plan that suits your needs and budget.

Build your own courses and give your learners access to them.

Analyse the popularity of your content with your learners and further adapt your catalogue to increase satisfaction.


Discover a whole new world

The first ever of its kind: The Skillcard gives your learners and managers complete independence of their learning. Get your managers involved today.

Choose our unique Marketplace

  • Local partners

    In addition to global players, we offer you reputable local partners who speak the language of your learners and understand their culture.

  • A constantly updated catalogue

    Every month, we add the newest and best training courses to our catalogue to keep your learners updated with the newest content.

  • Interaction and sharing

    Move away from isolated e-learning into the new age of LXPs. myskillcamp gives your learners the opportunity to interact with each other, and trainers, via the platform.

Find out what else we can do for you

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    Manage all your courses from one place

    Spend more time with your learners by organising all your courses from myskillcamp.

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    Create engaging content that works

    Alone or in groups, develop modern and fun learning experiences on our platform.

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    Leverage social & collaborative learning

    Create a collaborative and social experience to foster engagement and learning through sharing.

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    Build a knowledge sharing culture

    Put content creation and knowledge sharing into the heart of your learning community.