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Learning eXperience Platform: the ideal solution to involve your collaborators every day

Training is no longer an isolated event, at a given moment several times a year… We train every day on social media, attending conferences, viewing videos or joining a discussion group. Eventually, we learn everywhere and with very different topics.

What if all these efforts were concentrated within a single portal? MySkillCamp allows you to gather learning sources and content in a single location

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A multitude of training sources accessible in one place

You currently use a large number of different tools, resources and content to train. Make this learning experience more engaging by gathering everything your learners need in ONE single interface.

  • Unify your training offering by centralising all your content, regardless of their size or their location.
  • Access a complete catalogue and make your choice among multiple built-in providers
  • Create training programmes using the best content at the moment
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The power of a connected learning community

Supporting a learning experience also means animating learning communities :

  • Provide content that may interest them (via a news feed)
  • Allow members to interact with each other (via individual or collective discussion threads, chats…)
  • Personalize the interface based on a peak time for your entity (e.g., summer academy).

Lifelong Learning approach

Our LXP was firstly designed in a “Lifelong Learning” model: bringing together the most relevant learning content and allowing everyone to personalize their experience by integrating their own training resources.

Thanks to myskillcamp, everyone has an all-in-one tool that is used every day when they feel the need, which guides them throughout their professional career.

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