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As training specialists, we’re first and foremost a team of experts and enthusiasts to carry out all the projects we’re entrusted with. We’re committed to making proper use of the right tools, taking into account the needs and specific features of each client in terms of Learning & Development.

Our all-in-one training portal has been designed to give you access to a variety of features, tools and content to build your own learning community in just a few clicks.

Have you got a project in mind ? Do you wish to scale your current solution to become a learning company?

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Kevin Tillier CEO & Digital Learning Strategist

As head of myskillcamp, Kevin has turned to Digital Learning to enable companies to train their employees all year round and ensure their optimal employability.

He accompanies and advises his clients in all their training projects: from the audit to the launch of a pilot project, from storyboarding to the design of content for digital, Kevin helps companies to start the digital transformation of their training centre.

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Luc Blondiau Senior Learning Consultant

Passionate about people and training, curious about the digital world and new technologies, Luc has 15 years experience as a project manager, academy manager, trainer, coach and facilitator.

The recipient of a “learning award” for a digital solution, he’ll help you formalise your training project. With a strategic vision, he’ll help you build a simple, flexible and customer/learner-oriented solution using the best tools and contents.

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Antony Quagliata Customer Success Manager

Expert in digital culture, pedagogue and creative, Antony has more than 10 years of experience in the field of training.

Antony has more than 10 years in the field of training. He will put his pedagogy and creativity at your disposal to help and advise you before and during your project: definition of needs, creation and configuration of the account, launching the campaign and specifically, training in the use of the platform and the pedagogical tools.

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