With the Camps, train all your employees, customers and partners

A symbolic feature at MySkillCamp, the Camps will allow you to promote knowledge sharing within your learning community.

Your community Freely organise your learner population

In a few clicks, manage and segment your learning community into one or more “Camps” of your choice: by brand, profession, skill, intended purpose, etc. create as many training spaces as you wish!

Within these “Camps”, you can assign specific roles to your users: learner, manager, trainer, etc. everyone has their own mission.

Let’s work together to create your Learning Hub

Comprehensive training Collaborate with your external service providers unhindered

With the Camps, build the foundations of your community:

  • Connect all your external providers to your MySkillCamp account
  • Organise your training sessions and communities alongside your internal and external trainers
  • Open your training catalogue to offers from your partners and service providers
  • Build training courses in collaboration with other companies

Mentoring Facilitate the transmission of skills in-house

Develop a culture of learning and sharing through the MySkillCamp platform. This “Mentoring” feature will enable talented managers to connect mentors with learners who wish to develop certain skills.

Training course Deploy engaging, effective and efficient training

Offer a simplified learning experience to your learners:

  • Publish all types of training in your catalogue (classroom, Blended Learning, E-learning, MOOC, COOC, SPOC, on the job, etc.)
  • Add content to your existing training sessions, create it with the Studio or choose it “a la carte” in the Marketplace
  • Provide your training individually or collectively / in groups
  • Plan your training events: invitation, registration and attendance management (face-to-face, webinars, etc.)

Evaluation & Reporting Suivez la qualité et l'efficacité de vos formations

Use our evaluation and reporting tools to monitor in real time:

  • Learners’ activities updated instantly: login, completion rate, engagement rate, etc.
  • The results of training: from learner satisfaction to the transfer of skills on the job.

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