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Broaden your training audience by partnering with myskillcamp and make your training catalogue visible to hundreds of national and international companies

Find a pricing model that suits you

We offer four pricing models to market your courses. Create your content on our platform and start selling it immediately!

  • Per learner

    The customer buys one license per learner. Each license gives access to your complete catalogue.

  • Per course

    The client selects a training course and acquires the licenses for its learners.

  • Per bundle

    The customer buys part of your catalogue - with a discount - and their learners have access to it.

  • Per company

    The customer benefits from a fixed annual fee so their learners have access to your entire catalogue.

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How does it work?

To guarantee the quality of the training courses in your catalogue, we carefully select our partners. Want to become a partner?

  • Gain immediate access to our client portfolio made up of hundreds of national and international companies
  • Bundle your training offer into an attractive and easy to share catalogue
  • Increase your earnings thanks to a flexible payment model adapted to your needs
  • Strengthen your visibility thanks to marketing tools made available by myskillcamp
  • Enrich your existing training programmes and create new interaction training programmes thanks to our “authors” tool
  • Offer new training materials adapted to your clients’ needs (eBooks, audio books, videos, e-learning events, etc.)
  • Create proper training events to make your services even more attractive
  • Offer your clients rapid but simple access to new content that’s constantly improving, including your own!
  • Guarantee a higher commitment level thanks to interaction tools available on the platform

Our partners

  • Pnglol
  • Group 16
  • Group 38
  • Group 37

Our market place in figures:

  • +300.000

    training courses

  • 18


  • +1M€

    of sales in a year

  • +180.000

    courses taken

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  • Create your online training academy

  • Add content and features to your LMS

  • Onboarding and support during your project