Increase Skill Development and return on learning

Automate micro-actions and challenges to go from knowledge to skill faster. Increase retention, engagement and

They trust us with their training needs

Skills development through action

User Engagement
Learners are still active 3 months after initial training
less training time required to acquire new skills
Return on Learning
More retention of acquired skills / knowledge 3 months after course completion

Your LMS should work for you

Our algorithm pushes the right actions at the right time, to ensure your learners apply what they learned, in real-life. It also collects data so you can measure retention and the performance of your programs.
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Close your skill gaps more effectively with Action-Based Learning

It’s not just personalising courses that we make simple...

Apply training and learning in real-life

Help your team become experts in their field by practising, in their daily life what they learned in training.
Build challenge-based program
Our AI pushes the right actions at the right time directly to your learners, on desktop or mobile
Deliver challenges on mobile
Track completion and progresses
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Measure and track learners’ progression

Track skill development and expertise by measuring challenges completion.
Track tasks, actions and challenges completion
Measure engagement, skill proficiency and overall progress of your learners
View in reports and dashboards
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Uncover growth opportunities

Build personalized skills maps and scoring based on your learners progress
Assess your learners knowledge and skills
Identify skill gaps and growth opportunities for your team
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Supercharge your LMS with AI and content

Make your current system more adaptive by enriching your LMS with adaptive learning, Action based learning capabilities and more content from professionals providers.
Upgrade your current system with AI and content
Easy integration, SCORM compliant
Connect your own training providers, and content catalogue or find new ones on our ever-expanding training content marketplace
Focus on training quality and efficiency, not quantity
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Illustration of upgrading lms with action learning and training content

You’re 2 minutes away from getting
the training results you’ve always wanted...

Skills acquisition
faster acquisition of needed skills
Increase retention
increase in retention after 3 months
Completed learning paths
increase in completed learning paths