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MySkillCamp's Learning Management Platform gives you three tools that create and scale your blended and digital learning courses: the Studio to build your learning journeys, the Camp to invite, manage and track your users and the Marketplace to buy and sell courses.

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studio Re-invent your Learning Journeys

With our authoring tool you can create digital training simply and effectively and we make learning easy for your students via an intuitive interface for an enhanced user experience. Our learners and trainers enjoy better engagement and collaboration through rapid learning and social learning features.

  • Blended learning journey
  • Collaboration
  • Pedagogical activities
  • Online interactive quizzes and social sharing
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camp Gather your communities around your learning portals

Within your multiple learning portals, create a real social environment driving your learners and trainers to share knowledge on timelines and in discussion forums. The Camp is the perfect solution to scale your training to different teams, departments, regions and build your knowledge center. Create, manage and share with flexibility and ease of delivery.

  • Multiple learning portals
  • Social Learning
  • Full reporting
  • Reliable and scalable
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Begin the Digital Transformation of your Training Courses

Digitising your company's learning environment is often an ambitious project. MySkillCamp is dedicated to simplifying this journey by collaborating with you from needs analysis through to implementation of your training courses. If you are thinking of creating a MOOC, SPOC, COOC or simply a digital course, MySkillCamp is the perfect partner as we are not only a platform but also a team of experts helping you enhance the learners' experience.

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Collaborate in a Simple and Intuitive Platform

We've done a lot of research to enhance the user experience for both the learner and the trainer. To engage learners, peers meet in a social environment that facilitates the learning process and simplifies knowledge sharing.

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Marketplace Improve your learning journeys with content from the Marketplace

Access and browse face-to-face courses, in-company training, blended learning or digital training from the MySkillCamp Marketplace. Get in touch with hand-picked training organisations to help with your strategy or buy digital courses within minutes to support your learners. Our goal is to facilitate your research and offer you a diverse and exciting catalogue of well-defined categories such as Leadership, Health and Safety, Compliance, amongst others.

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Empower learners and scale your training offer

Are you content writers or training experts ? Improve your visibility and sales in the marketplace.

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