Unify, Digitize & Scale your training department

Managing a large population of learners and multiple training partners can be complicated, simplify it with MySkillCamp, your all-in-one learning hub. Easily create, share and track your online, offline and blended learning journeys.

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We help you build a better workplace by focusing on your people


Our experts help your define your digital learning strategy and build interactive content.


We make sure your learners remember and put into practice what they learn.


Amplify your learning culture around an all-in-one platform for your employees.

camp Your learning environment interconnected in one place

Organise your learning population per skill, job position or brand and make knowledge even more accessible by building as many learning portals as you need.

Involve your trainings partners. Invite them to connect on MySkillCamp and simplify your work !

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studio Easily build your learning journeys

Create quizzes, plan workshops, share resources and certify your trainings. Engage and inspire your learners through more dynamic content using Microlearning, Rapid Learning, Mobile learning and Blended learning…

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A collaborative and intuitive platform to enhance learning


Accelerate your digital transformation with our pedagogical tools

Knowledge sharing

Build a best practice and peer to peer learning environment


Adapt your learning journeys to each learning population


Empower your employees during the learning and training process

Our experts Do you have a digital learning project in mind ?

Our digital learning managers accompany your teams in the set up of your project and the training of interactive pedagogical tools. From the analyse to the development of your COOC, MOOC or other on-demand learning journeys, our instructional designers use the ADDIE method to make sure our collaboration is a success.

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Marketplace Improve your learning journeys with content from the Marketplace

Get in touch with hand-picked training organisations to help with your strategy or buy digital courses within minutes to support your learners.

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Mobile Application Your company's content at your fingertips

Are your learners often travelling or on the field ? Your trainings are now accessible anytime, anywhere on our mobile application.